PWee's Pad

Comm + Tech Fall 2016


The Future of Communication Technology

Five Senses

Ready for the future of Communication Technology?

Five Senses and Near Self

What's Next In Communication Technology

Interactive Storytelling Deep Dive

Twines, Cool Websites and More

The Toaster of the Future

A Smartness Scale for Toasters


A Weekend with Fox News

Travel Exchange

A Disciplined Platform for Getting Answers

On the Titanic

An Exclusive Radio Broadcast with Two Surivors

Radio Veritas

How a Radio Station Sparked a Revolution

The Talking Drums of 2016

Using Sound as a Semaphore System

Radio Veritas and Harana

How a Radio Station Started a Revolution + The Lost Art of the Filipino Serenade

Concocting Conceptual Emojis for Filipino Food

Designing for a New Age of Tech-Savvy Filipinos

Reflections on a Digital Detox

The Great and Frustrating Feeling of Being Completely and Utterly Disconnected

What does Communication and Technology mean to me?

A look into the Past and Future of Communication and Technology