Interactive Storytelling Deep Dive

Twines, Cool Websites and More

Posted by Patrick Sheldon Wee on November 24, 2016

Interactive Storytelling! Yay! Woo! Fun! So, today, my Deep Dive group--Mia, JooHee, Mateo and myself--presented on Interactive Storytelling.

We talked about interactive videos, interactive games, interactive books, among others. The session was super fun, collaborative and interactive (see what I did there?), and there were lots of examples shown in class about what interactive storytelling really means.

In case anyone from class (or otherwise) wants to explore these examples at their own leisure, I've now posted the resources we used in class here. They're arranged by category! Enjoy!

Interactive Storytelling Videos

NYUAD Capstone

Collaborative Storytelling

The Johnny Cash Project
The Exquisite Forest

Your Amazing Twines

Craig Stranded on Noodle Island by Cynthia and Jantima
Mia's Adventure by PWee
Post Apocalyptic CommTech Experience by Sjur and Leonore
Relentless KFC Wasteland by PWee
Noodle Competition by Theros and Jantima
The Quest for Food by Nick and Pablo

Oh, and last but not the least, here is the presentation in case you're interested! Also, the image above is a picture taken in one of the worlds that Magic Leap developed. That's it for now! Hope you enjoy!